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A Business Attorney Who Is Ready To Serve Businesses In Today’s Global Economy

For many companies in Illinois and throughout the United States, entering foreign markets is a necessity to survive in a challenging economy. Businesses are becoming more global in providing or buying goods and services such as lighting supplies, water filtration systems and Internet-based content from a variety of media. The opportunity to expand their reach to other countries can be lucrative, but only if the proper legal steps are taken.

At Richard E. Steck & Associates, clients come to me with problems to solve. Regardless of the scope or complexity of their legal issues, I strive to find immediate, affordable and no-frills solutions in a highly complex area of the law.

Help For Chicago-Based And National Companies Seeking Global Expansion

If you are a business owner wishing to expand your operation and make transactions into neighboring Mexico or Canada or across the ocean, you need an attorney experienced in and knowledgeable of international law. Whether you are considering or already engaged in international trade or management, you need an advocate who can identify your specific needs and provide individualized representation.

International trade and customs law requires not only knowledge of a wide range of global business practices, but also in-depth insight into domestic business law and the interaction between the two. Complexities involve trade compliance, foreign distribution methods and intellectual property protection

While regulatory issues are not resolved in traditional courtroom settings, a trial lawyer is still needed in hearings before regulatory agencies. Oftentimes, their procedures mirror the trial process. I have tried cases on both sides of the courtroom, providing me insight that helps me devise effective strategies that focus on the best resolution.

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